The C-cret to a Creme Brulee Tart


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Want to make something that sounds fancy, but is actually really easy? Channel your inner French Monsieur or Madam and get ready to burn things in the name of class.

Hello there baking fans!

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of, let’s make my ass bigger! Or as it’s more commonly known, my baking blog 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, this year I am baking my way through the alphabet in an attempt to challenge myself and fatten up my friends. If you like that idea, you can read more about it riiiiighhhttt here.

So far we have had:

A- Apple Custard Pie
B- Buttered Rum Brownies
and now….

C- Creme Brulee Tart

For letter C I couldn’t resist some creme brulees, but because I’m a big girl who can make her own choices I crammed all the custarded goodness into a tart.

I wish I had a fun story to go with this recipe, but I don’t. The blow torch came with a whole bunch of baking toys that I got for Christmas, so this was my excuse to use it to burn something useful for once.

Now before you get scared and run for the hills because, sweet jesus is french baking hard- THIS ONE IS NOT!
All it calls for is a shortbread pastry crust and an exuberant amount of creme patisserie. Oh and some extra sugar and some fire.

Let’s have fun burning something on purpose for once guys.

Do you Pinterest? It's never a bad time to start 🙂

Creme Brulee Tart

Blind baked tarte crust
7 egg yolks
75g caster sugar
25g plain flour
4 tsp corn flour
500ml full cream milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
Extra caster sugar for burning


  1. So to start off I made my shortbread crust using this Scottish Shortbread recipe, but instead of slicing the dough into biscuits, I pressed it into a tart tin and baked it for 20 minutes on 160C.
  2. Put the milk and vanilla in a large saucepan and bring to a slow boil, allowing to simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Blanch the eggs and sugar until they’re pale in colour and large in size (hey look it’s my thighs).
  4. Let the milk mixture cool while you stir the flours in with the eggs.
  5. Pour the warm milk in to the egg yolks slowly, whisking constantly!
    When combined pour the mixture back in to the saucepan and return it to medium heat, stirring until the creme pat thickens.
  6. Pour this into a clean bowl and cover with cling wrap.
    Make sure the cling wrap is touching the surface of the creme to prevent a skin from forming.
  7. Cool in the fridge for about an hour.
  8. Pour or pipe the creme pat in to the tart case and return to the fridge to set for another hour.
  9. About 20 minutes before serving, sprinkle an even coating of caster sugar over the top if the creme and get that blow torch out!
  10. Now blast that sugar until it cracks under the pressure and caramelises.
  11. Allow the tarte to sit on the bench for about 15 minutes before slicing. The heat from the blow torch will cause the creme to liquify slightly, but it will set once again when it’s cool.
  12. Now throw your beret and striped shirt on and serve that shit up you cultured thing you!


That’s it. See, not that hard is it 🙂

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Happy Baking!


A is for Adam… He made me write that

It’s actually for Apple Pie, but got to keep the man in his fineries.

Plus he delivered me coffee (the sweet nectar of life) while I type this up, so he deserves a headline.

OKAY! Here we go. Week 1. Weeko Uno. Uno! I win. I’m getting distracted…


Plucked from my Baking Saturday Insta     You Should probably follow it 🙂

So this week we’re going to focus on Apple Pie! Specifically a delicious, custard flowing, crust flaking, apple snapping, Apple Custard Pie.

I had a lot of fun with the lattice work on this. It was like playing with buttery play-dough that no one was going to yell at me for eating (except for my jeans). The roses are super easy to do and my mum was impressed with them. Yep, I’m Milhousing my way through this one.

I have to admit, when I first thought of this concept I was way too excited to get started so I jumped the gun on Baking Saturday and instead made it Baking Friday/Thursday at 3am.

Which turned out to be one of the best possible times to make the pie crust. The cats where asleep so I didn’t have to deal with itty bitty floured paw prints all over the house, but it was also cold and the humidity was superrrr low. Perfect pastry weather.

So at 3am, with freezing fingers I was crumbling the flour, butter and ice water together and it was the best crust I have ever accomplished. I was so proud of myself that I had another glass of wine and fell asleep on the couch.

That’s enough of that. Time to get to the recipe.

Apple Custard Pie



2 1/2 C flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp sugar
250g Antarctically ice cold butter
1/4 – 1/2 C ‘just melted off an igloo, yes that cold’ cold water


  1. Combine your dry ingredients in a bowl. Add in cubes of the butter piece by piece and crumble the dry ingredients with the butter.
    I have a pretty ghetto kitchen set up, so I wet my hands in cold water and just use my fingers and rub it all together, but if you have a pastry cutter or another awesome technique, then use it!
    When your mixture looks like breadcrumbs and your fingers have biceps then this step is done!
  2. Start adding the water and start small! Just a drizzle at at time. Some times you need 1/4C and sometimes you need 1/2, but most of the time you need something in between.
    The dough should JUST hold together but still have a little bit of a crumble to it. When you roll it out, it will all come together, so don’t stress.
  3. Wrap that shit up in cling wrap and put it in the fridge.
  4. Go to sleep. Even if it’s the middle of the day. Or if you’re a more responsible member of society than I am, go do your duties. BUT do NOT touch that dough for AT LEAST 2 hours.
  5. After your nap, preheat your oven to 200C and roll the dough out. This recipe make enough for 1 pie with a lattice, or 2 without, so if you’re not latticing put the other half back in the fridge. It should last about a week if you keep it airtight.
  6. Chuck your dough in your pie tin and pretty up your edges.
  7. I always blind bake my crusts because I’m hella paranoid about it being undercooked and doughy, so if you’re like me put some baking paper over your dough, throw some baking beads (or rice) in and bake with the beads for 15 mins and then another 10 without.
  8. Boom the crust is done!

Apple and Custard Filling


Apple Filling
4-6 Pink Lady apples, undressed and sliced as thin as your patience allows.
2 Tbsp Brown sugar
1 Tbsp Vanilla essence
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1/8 tsp Ground nutmeg
1 tsp Cinnamon

Custard Goodness
2 Eggs
2 Egg yolks
1 C Whipping cream
1/2 C sugar


  1. Turn your oven down (or on depending how far apart from the crust you are baking) to 160 C.
    Put a saucepan on medium-high heat and literally chuck all of the apple filling ingredients in it. Stir it consistently so that everything is coated and then you can come back to it every few minutes just to toss it around.
    Keep doing this until your apples are as crisp or soft as you prefer in your pies. I like mine with a bit of bite, so it only takes about 6 minutes for me!
  2. Whisk the custard ingredients in a bowl until their nicely combined. Don’t over do this part or the eggs will froth too much and it will loose the the custardy awesomeness that we want here.
  3. Fill your pre baked crust with the apples first and then pour the custard in slowly making sure it fills in the gaps. It’s fine to have a bit left over at the end, you can just double boil that and use it on top of your pie when it’s done.
  4. Put that piece of delicious work in the oven for about 20 minutes if you’re adding a lattice (or half an hour if you’re not). The custard should still jiggle slightly when you take it out at either stage. Naturally a little bit more so if you’re adding a lattice.
  5. If you’re prettying up your pie like I did, then add whatever design you want on the top of your pie. Give your piece of art a milk wash and throw it back in the oven for another 15 minutes. The lattice should brown up and then you are mcdone!
  6. Enjoy it however you like! We had ours with some whipped cream while it was still warm. SO DELICIOUS! The custard is just slightly jiggly and the crust just melts as it touches your tongue.
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  8. Forgive me for not having more photos this week (compulsory) 🙂

If you read this whole thing, I would like you to know that I am entirely in your debt you magnificent, sugar coated unicorn! And I really hope to see you again!
If you have any questions or you give it a go, comment below or send me a message or a carrier pigeon (preferably the pigeon).

Happy baking!