Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

Hello there Pastry Fans!

This is my first blog post, so you’ll have to excuse me while I sort my way through my muddled thoughts…

Okay, I’m ready.

Or am I?

Well… screw it, let’s just say that I am.

So I have been baking for years, and by that I mean since I was 4. So a solid 19 (almost 20.. eep) years, but only over the last few years have I really started to become passionate about pastries and creams and cakes and tartes and biscuits and.. oops I drooled on my keyboard.
Anywho, to cut the longest story short this year I have challenged myself to become a better baker. To start to create some of that magic that you see on  The Great British (and Australian) Bake Off!

I am one hell of a long way off, but to get myself there I have set myself the challenge of baking my way through the Alphabet one Saturday at a time!

Right now, I have B in the oven- and it comes to no surprise to anyone that that means brownies, but I’m jumping ahead of myself. There’s something equally as fantastic that comes before hand!

Are you excited? Well, I’m hungry so if you’re excited or not I’m baking it anyway.


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